Plan Management

Key to the management of any employee benefit program is the annual review of your benefit plan renewals. In-depth analysis of this data will help guide negotiations with the various carriers and ultimately, after thorough discussion with your management team, what changes might be indicated for the coming year.

Quote Requests

If those changes include a potential new carrier, competitive quotes will be solicited from all appropriate insurance carriers. After secondary analysis is complete, subsequent quote refinements will be sought.


Once final decisions are made, our focus turns to ensuring the effective implementation for open enrollment. Employee benefits and health insurance in particular are undoubtedly one of your most expensive cost items. Therefore, it’s important that your employees:

  • Understand the value of the programs offered.
  • Learn how to utilize them properly to make sure that they get the care they need while being sensitive to the most cost effective treatment available.

We recommend mandatory open enrollment meetings in any year that you have high turnover in employees or make major benefit changes to your plans. Since it takes the average person hearing something seven times before they assimilate what they’ve learned into their daily routine; we can’t stress enough how important these meetings are. This is especially true if we’re launching an Employee Benefits Website for you. These customized websites have proved invaluable as a resource for your employees – thereby reducing strain on your “human resources” personnel.

Account Management

With many years of experience in the employee benefits field, our full-time administrative staff handles numerous questions concerning all types of benefits. Additionally, we conduct periodic seminars to update our clients on HIPAA, COBRA, other legislative issues and any new services we may offer.

We welcome calls from employees and, where appropriate, will become involved in resolving individual employee issues. We are sensitive to HIPAA regulations, and will request authorization before we embark on research and resolution of the problem if needed.

Claims Advocacy

Although the carriers we work with are highly rated and reputable, from time to time there may be issues that require a little more expertise. This is where we can help. If an employee has contacted you because he or she is having difficulty getting a problem resolved through the Member Services department, just give us a call and we will take it from there.