“I think your lunch and learns are an excellent source of information and it is great that you are going the extra mile to help your clients be informed and stay on top of the current health care issues.”

Kim from Dave Iwans & Associates, Inc.

“Your agency gives a great overview and reminder of what is a really overwhelming and very complex  issue. Our employee benefits are very important to our company. Thanks for look out for us!”

Dave from Southern Tile Distributors, Inc.

“I appreciate the Spindel Agency’s invitation to the seminar. I am so unsure about many of Health Care Reform complicance requirements. The seminar was presented in a way that was easier to understand compared to the information on various websites. The presentation was organized and concise. While I am still unsure about the requirements and changes we have to adhere to, I feel better having attended the seminar because of the resources provided by Ron and his staff. Thank you for all that you do. Sharon is the greatest!!!!!”

Faye from Atlantic Marine Construction, Inc.

“There is so much I need to learn regarding insurance and company coverage that I find all of these classes interesting and informative. The true benefit is that the staff at the Spindel Agency is most helpful and willing to answer all of my questions as they come up during the year.”

Brenda from Lowery Construction Company, Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar! I learned a lot and it even helped me to understand more. Your speakers are terrific and make something that could be so boring, much more interesting and fun.

Emily from Chesapeake Bay Mechanical Contractors